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Risk Management

For any patient care incident or legal situation related to your care, please call number below immediately.

888-235-3321 or 800-513-5635

Discuss only with Cross Country Risk Management.

Below, please download the Cross Country Healthcare, Inc.’s Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation wallet card .PDF. Please read it carefully and make sure it is accessible during your assignment.

Life is unpredictable. At any time, any one of us can be faced with a difficult situation…a complicated decision…even a work place injury. When something like this happens who do you call, what do you do?

We purchase Professional Liability insurance for each of our healthcare professionals which will assist you with most Board of Nursing investigations, lawsuits involving patient care you provided on one of our assignments, and other patient care investigations.

We strongly encourage you to report any possible clinical incident as soon as it occurs so that the facts and circumstances are fresh in your mind and can be easily reviewed to refresh your memory in the event a lawsuit surfaces several years after the time of the incident. We would prefer to have information that never turns into a lawsuit rather than call you five years later and ask you about an incident you can’t recall with no specific information to help your lawyer defend you.

We also carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for each of our healthcare professionals. To receive that coverage you must promptly report an injury to us so we can assist you with any treatment you require.

We value each and every employee as a member of the Cross Country family. It gives us great pleasure to know that you will be properly cared for any time that you need Risk Management or Workers’ Compensation assistance

Download and print wallet card.

Risk Management & Worker's Compensation Wallet Card


Larisa Maslic 
Risk Manager 
Cross Country Healthcare, Inc. 

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